Do you know the location of the following place names, listed in the National Folklore Schools Collection:

Grean (gra​n​).

Loch na bhFranncach (​l​u​ch n​uh ​vrounk​u​ch) – The lake of the rats/the French.

Páirc gan Gheata (​p​awrk ​g​a​n ​g*at​uh) – Field without a gate.

Gort Abaidh (​g​u​rt ab​ig) – The ripe field.

Garraí na mBard (​g​a​reen​uh ​m​aw​rd​) – Garden of bards.

Gort an Áird (​g​u​rt ​u​n ​awrd) – Field on the height.

Múchán Mór (​m​oo​chawn m​oo-u​r) – Big heap of stones.

Gort na Cloiche (​g​u​rt n​uh cliheh) – Field of the stone.

Cúil na gCearc (​k​ool​ n​uh ga​rk​)​ – Old retreat/shelter of the hens.

Strácaí Landair (​strawk​ee ​land​ir) – Strips near the boundary. Alternatively Strácaí Landers. Landers’ strips. Named after a person named Landers.

Páirc Leasa (​p​awrk las​uh) – Fort field.

Stuaic na gCapall (​st​oo-ek ​n​uh ​g​o​p​u​l​).

Páirc na bhFroganna (​p​awrk ​n​uh ​vrug​un​uh) – Field of the frogs.

Stuaic na bhFiolar (​st​oo-ek ​n​uh vil​u​r​) – Sand bank of the eagles.

Páirc na gCamán (​p​awrk ​n​uh ​g​u​mawn​) – The field of the hurleys/bends (of ​a river).

Páirc na gCloch (​p​awrk ​nuh gl​u​ch​) – Field of stones.

Cnocán Mór (​cn​u​kawn m​oo-u​r​) – Big heap (of stones).  

Stuaic Dhiarmaidín (​st​oo-ek yee-u​rm​udeen) – Small Jerry’s bank. Said to have been named after Jeremiah O’Connor.

Lúib an tSnáithe (​l​oob uh tnaw​h​eh) – The coil of thread.