Cutteen/An Coitín (u​n c​uteen) – The common; derived from ‘coitianta’ (​c​utee-u​nt​uh) meaning a common or commonage.

Cutteen Village – In 1841 it had a population of 93 with 21 inhabited houses.

Ó Thuaidh (oh ​hoo-eg) – To the north; fields.

Cluain Gé (​kl​oo-en gay) – Meadow of the goose.

Páirc a’ Bhóthair (​p​awrk uh ​vo​hhir) – The road field. Owned up until the early 1940’s by Seán Cournane, Castlegregory, who was known locally as ‘Seán a’ Bhóthair’ (shaw​n uh ​voh-​h​ir). Sean’s brother Ned was a famous violinist, and a teacher of Irish music and dancing in New York.

Páirc an Fhéir (​p​awrk u​n ​ayr) – The hay field.

Bán Beag (​b​aw​n ​byug​) – The small fallow field.

An Mionnán (u​n ​mi​nawn​) – The pinnacle of rock.

An Bhoilig (u​n vilig) – The swell.

Oileán an Uain (ilawn ​u​n ​oo-en) – The island of the froth (generated by waves).

Garraidhe Dhiarmada (​g​a​ree yee-u​rm​u​d​uh​)
– Jerry’s field.

Gort Dubh (​g​u​rt d​u​v​) – The black field.