Other Islands

Gorach (​gur​u​ch​) – Hatchery (for birds).

The Step o’ Gorach – A wave-cut platform. Fishermen were advised to avoid it due to the strong back-wash from the waves.

The Steer o’ Gorach – A sea stack resembling the rudder of a boat.

Inish Tuaisceart (inish ​too-eshkart​ ​) – The northerly island. In April 1916 the Aud was captured by the British navy to the north of Inis Tuaisceart, having failed to rendezvous with the local Volunteers. It was carrying a cargo of German guns and ammunition destined for the Easter Rising.

Oileán Imill (ilawn ​imil) – Island on the edge.

Cuas Gorm (​k​oo-u​s g​u​rum​) – Blue cove.

Carraig na bPréachán (​kor​ig ​n​uh bree-achawn​) –Rock of the crows.

Cuas a’ Trím (​c​oo-u​s ​uh ​tr​eem) – Possibly ‘truim’, cove of the elder tree. A cave opening into a blowhole.

The Flag of Oileán Imill – A submerged flat rock at a distance from the island, visible at low tides.

The Castle of Oileán Imill – Strata of limestone resembling a castle.

Lios Tuaisceart/​Listooskert (li​s​ ​too-eshkart) – The northerly fort.

The Sound – The sea passage between the islands and the mainland.

Coffey’s Bank – A submerged reef located between Oileán Imill, Oileán tSeanaigh and Donnagán Island.

Mucalach Beag (​m​u​c​u​l​u​ch ​byug​) – The small piggery. On 7 September 1588, the 75 ton ​Nuestra Senora del Socorro, a tender vessel attached to the Spanish Armada, was wrecked on the east side of Mucalach Beag. The tender was carrying twenty four household servants of the Duke of Medina Sidonia, Don Alonzo Perez de Guzman. Two of the crew swam ashore and made their way to Tralee in search of help. Lady Denny ordered that the crew be brought ashore and all were executed in the Market Square, Tralee.

An Rás (u​n r​aw​s​) – ​A reef located northeast of Mucalach Beag. It was here that the fishing boat, the Quickstep​, was wrecked in 1896. Five members of the crew of seven were drowned.