The Seven Hogs

Oileán tSeanaigh (ilawn ​tan​ig) – The island of St. Seanach (shan​u​ch​), named after the monastic settlement founded by him in the 7th century.

Oíleán Bó (ilawn b​oh) – The cow’s island.

Leac a’ Stóra (​la​k ​uh stohr​uh) –​The flagstone of the store.

The Ladder – In September 1929, Mrs Ellen Sullivan (Nell Ferriter) from Ceann Duimhche went to stay on Oileán tSeanaigh for a week. Her mission was to pick duileasc (dulse) to take to America for her daughter who was living there. She failed to return from her picking expedition to Oileán Bó, which was accessible on foot at low tide. Members of the Goodwin and O’Leary families launched a search and found her body floating in the sea close to ‘The Ladder’.

Poll (​poul)​ Hebe. The hole of the ​Hebe. In November 1846, the Spanish schooner, the ​Hebe, was wrecked on rocks to the north of Oíleán Bó. Five of the crew were drowned and four others were saved, by the islanders, having climbed ashore on a rope.

Rinn na bhFear nDearg (reen ​n​uh va​r ​narug) – The Point of the Red Men. According to the antiquarian society, the Kerry Field Club, who visited in 1942, these Red Men were Fomorians, refugees who had fled their sinking homes in Atlantis. They maintained that they settled on the Seven Hogs and set aside this island for their King.

An Scórnach (u​n skoh​rn​u​ch​) – The throat. The narrow sea passage between Oileán tSeanaigh and Rinn na bhFear nDearg. Livestock from Oileán tSeanaigh walked across An Scórnach to Rinn na bhFear nDearg for its rich grazing and later swimming back home as it had no supply of drinking water.

Ceann Capaill
(kyou​n c​op​il) – The horse’s head.

Garraí Dhomhnaill (​g​or​ee ​g*ohn​il) – Donal’s garden.

Páircín Beag (​pawrkeen byu​g​) – The small field.

Gort na gColúr (​g​u​rt n​uh gl​oo​r​) – The field of the doves.

The Still – Due to its inaccessibility to revenue officials or guagers, poitín
(​p​uteen) making was popular on the island.

Bior na dTonn (bir n​uh ​d​ou​n​) – The point of the waves. The usual landing place for currachs near the houses, except during very low tides when it was inaccessible due to the rocks.

The Top

Poll Buí (​p​ou​l bw​ee) – The yellow hole.

Poll na Feamanaí (​p​ou​l n​uh fa​m​a​nee) – The seaweed hole. Seaweed usually rotted here as it was not accessible by horse and cart.

Tóin an Oileáin (​t​ohn un ​i​lawn) – The end of the island.

Pointe Tóin an Oileáin (​peenteh ​t​ohn un ​​ilawn).

An Eisc (u​n ​eshk) – The cliff.

Duileasc (dilisk) – A rock on which the edible sea plant dulse could be found.

The South Field

Monastic site

The Church Bank

Cloch Bhaistí (​k​lu​ch v​oshtee) – The stone baptismal font at the base of the stone cross.

Páirc an Fhéir (​p​awrk un ayr) – Hayfield.

An Torann (u​n tor​u​n​) – The roar.

An Mionnán (u​n ​mi​nawn​) – The pinnacle of rock.

Mionnán Point

Oileán Traolach (ilawn tr​ayl​u​ch​)​ – ​Terence’s island.